Who Are We?

Carolina Gear & Engine is a full service re-builder of heavy duty truck diesel engines, transmissions & axle differentials.

Our experienced team can supply you with rebuilt units from inventory or custom build your unit to your specifications insuring you trouble-free operation with the least amount of unscheduled down time.

How Can We Help You?

Helping you realize the maximum utilization of equipment with the lowest operating cost is what Carolina Gear & Engine is all about.

Our knowledgeable sales, service, and rebuilding personnel have the expertise and product knowledge to get the job done right — the first time.

In-Frame Overhauls

Cummins ISX, EGR (Injectors Add.)
Cummins ISX, Non EGR (Injectors Add.)
Cummins ISM, EGR (Injectors Add.)
Cummins M-11 (Injectors Add.)
Cummins ISM, Non EGR (Injectors Add.)
Cummins N-14 (Injectors Add.)
Cummins L10 STC
Caterpillar 3306
Caterpillar C-10 (Injectors Add.)
Caterpillar C-12 (Injectors Add.)
Caterpillar C-13 (Injectors Add.)
Caterpillar C-15 (Injectors Add.)
Caterpillar C-15 Acert, (Injectors Add.)
Caterpillar 3406E (Injectors Add.)
Navistar DT466 B&C
Navistar DT466 NGD
Navistar DT466E, (Injectors Add.)
Navistar DT466 EGR, (Injectors Add.)
Navistar DT570 EGR, (Injectors Add.)
Mack E-7
Mack E-7 E-Tech
Detroit Series 60 (Injectors Add.)
Detroit Series 60 EGR (Injectors Add.)

INCLUDES: Cylinder Kits, Exchange Heads, Injectors (Elec. Eng. Add'l.), Oil and Oil Filters, Rod and Main Bearings, and Labor

Rebuilt Engines

Cummins ISX Long Block
Cummins ISM EGR, Long Block
Cummins ISM, Non EGR
Cummins N14
Cummins M11
Cummins L10 Non STC
Cummins L10 STC
Cummins BC I, II, III, IV
Cummins BC IV STC
Caterpillar C10
Caterpillar C12
Caterpillar C13, Long Block
Caterpillar C15, Non Accert
Navistar DT466C
Navistar DT466E, Long Block
Navistar DT466 NGD, Long Block
Navistar DT466 EGR, Long Block
Navistar DT570 EGR, Long Block
Mack E-Tech, Long Block

In-Frame Rebuild Kits

Cummins ISX, EGR
Cummins ISX, Non EGR
Cummins ISM, EGR
Cummins ISM, Non EGR
Cummins N14
Cummins M11
Cummins L10, Manual
Cummins L10, STC
Cummins NTC855
Caterpillar C10
Caterpillar C12
Caterpillar C13
Caterpillar C15, Non Accert
Caterpillar C15, Accert
Caterpillar 3306C
Caterpillar 3406, Manual
Caterpillar 3406E
Navistar DT466 B&C
Navistar DT466 NGD
Navistar DT466E, Non EGR
Navistar DT530E, Non EGR
Navistar DT466
Navistar DT466, EGR
Navistar DT466, EGR
Navistar DT570, EGR
Mack E7, Manual
Mack E7, E-Tech
Detroit Series 60
Detroit Series 60 EGR
INCLUDES: Cylinder Kits, Head Gaskets, Main Bearings, Connecting Rod Bearings, and Pan Gasket Set NO FREIGHT CHARGES • Factory Direct Prior Payment or Mastercard/Visa Required Plus Tax